New Webisode! – Obie

Nora Vanatta wasn’t seeking fame when she adopted a 70 pound dachshund. But that’s exactly what she got when Obie the Obese Dashchund became one of the best known dogs in internet history. Millions followed Obie’s struggle to lose over 50 pounds and become a healthy, happy dog again.
Nora may have succeeded at that goal, but her work isn’t done as now she works to spread awareness of obesity. Countless people — and dogs — have been motivated to make a change thanks to Obie.
Watch to hear more about their journey and find out about Obie’s plans for the future. Watch Here —->
Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 12.15.50 AM

New Webisode – Dog Store Trends

 What are the hottest trends and new items in the dog store? Comedian Tevya Heller visits Canine Couture to find out.

Tune into our brand new websiode here –>

Dog Store 14

Dog Store 18

Dog Store 24

In addition to seeing the latest in dog jewelry, grooming and toy products, Tevya gets an extra surprise when a batch of Pomeranian Puppies join him for the visit. Find out what’s hot and what’s not in the pet world.

Dog Store 5

Dog Store 7

New Webisode – Fireman Calendar

Julie Heather describes it as the best job in the world: photographing half naked firemen. But it’s not just because of their bodies, or even their courageous work—it’s because it helps raise money for Dog Guide’s Canada.

Watch an exciting and heartwarming webisode of Dog Park Tales!


A service dog costs approximately 25 thousand dollars to train, but for more and more people their work is invaluable, and actually saves money on hospital visits, slip-and-fall accidents and homecare. From alerting hearing-impaired people to a smoke alarm to helping the the visually-impaired get around town, to simply opening doors and providing comfort and support, these dogs improve the lives of tens of thousands of people each year.








Find out what it it takes to train them, and what it takes to be a fireman in front of the camera raising money for this important cause.

For more information, or to support these awesome firefighters and the Dog Guides of Canada, visit their website and

New Webisode! Bomb Detection Dogs

Dog Park Tales is very excited to premiere an exciting new websiode featuring bomb detection dogs. Tune in now!

You probably don’t see them. You may not even know they exist. But if you’ve attended a sporting event, the speech of a prominent public figure, or visited a public building, chances as a bomb dog has been there to inspect it prior to your arrival. They could have even saved your life.

Bomb Dogs 3
Bomb Dogs 6
Bomb Dogs 8

For decades Dave Walker has trained dogs to detect explosives and drugs. Now he pulls the curtain back and shows Dog Park Tales how its done. See how these dedicated dogs learn how to smell things we could not, then watch them do their work in their field. Despite advances in technology, Dave and his team have discovered again and again that nothing can replace a well trained dog.

New Webisode! Polka Dog Bakery

We just released a brand new websiode of Dog Park Tales – check it out!

We took a peak inside one of the most popular, fastest-growing dog treat companies in North America. From cakes to biscuits to Cod Skins—their signature treat that makes dogs go bananas—Polka Dog Bakery has gone from a small Boston company to an international success.

Bakery 4 copy
Bakery 12 copy

Why do we really love giving treats to our dogs? How do you spot a high quality dog treat? What’s it like to make some of the most sought-after dog specialities in North America. Join Dog Park Tales as we find out!

Bakery 8 copy

New Webisode! – Buddy Recall

Watch our  exciting new Dog Park Tales webisode here!
Frustrated because your dog won’t come when called? You should be–at least a little–coming when called is the best way to keep your dog safe at the dog park.
Trainer Lisa Giroux shows you the easy way to make sure your pup comes to you everytime, so that you know whenever you go to the park, you’ll be ready for anything.
Buddy Weight 001

New Webisode – Beneful Dog Park!

Could this be the best dog park in North America? It’s certainly got some eye popping features like a roller coaster bridge, smell-free grass and, oh yes, a tree that shoots tennis balls. Tune into a new webisode of Dog Park Tales now!

BROLL - Park sign

BROLL - Pan of the tunnel d (1)

Welcome to Beau’s dream dog park in Lancaster Pennsylvania. Like many parks, it was once basically a dirt and/or mud bath, where owners would have to wash their dogs after every visit—especially high energy Dog’s like Beau.

BROLL - SLOMO - Dog and bal

BROLL - SLOMO - Cute dog ru

The city wanted to improve it, but there simply wasn’t funds. But there was a contest, entered by Beau’s owner, Angela Bauman—a half-million dollar dog park makeover sponsored by Beneful. Angela entered—and to everyone’s surprise and delight, won.

BROLL - SLOMO - Weird looki (1)

BROLL - SLOMO - Water spray

BROLL - SLOMO - German shep (1)

Come explore this park and find out what makes it one of the safest, most exciting places for dogs to play—and for people to come together.

New Webisode – Zombie Dogs!

Tune into a brand new webisode of Dog Park Tales!

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people dress up in their undead best and join in a zombie walk—a trend that has now come to the canine world.



Dog Park Tales travels to one of the first Zombie Walks for Dogs to check out the best in human—and dog—zombie fashion. Which pup will win the zombie dog crown? You’ll just have to watch to find out.

New Webisode! Is Your Dog Overweight?

Recent studies have found overweight dogs live at least two years less than those of a healthy weight. But how do you know if your dog is overweight? Surprisingly, it’s not as easy as you think. Tune into a brand new webisode of Dog Park Tales now!

Buddy Weight 009 (1)
As Vet Jackie Parr explains, our perceptions of the proper weight for dogs has gotten skewed overtime. Jackie explains how to test your dog’s weight, how to prevent problems from starting, and what to do if it’s already out of control.

Buddy Weight 003
Buddy Weight 004

Buddy the Beagle has definitely been struggling with weight problems. But help is on the way — our trainer stages an intervention to help Buddy get back on track. ‎

Buddy Weight 010


Buddy Weight 007



New Webisode! Plastic Surgery for Dogs?

When most dogs get neutered, that’s the end of the story—but for a small number, their testicles are replaced with life-like fakes.

Called Neuticles, some see it as way to preserve the look of their dog, some think it helps dogs adjust to their newly neutered life, and some just think it’s a great way to convince reluctant owners to neuter their dogs.



Which is it? Is this trend about to take off? Find out as we meet a Neuticled dog and the vet who performed the procedure.

New Dog Park Tales Webisode – Grooming!

Amazing News! Starting next week, Dog Park Tales will now be releasing TWO webisodes a week, so now you can double the DPT fun!!

Tune in now to a brand new webisode –>

What does it take to take a dog happy and clean? How do you spot a good groomer? And why would you turn one into a Lion-Tiger Hybrid?

Dog Park Tales visits Simply The Best Grooming Studio where champion grooomer, Valerie Weston takes us through the ins and out of making your dog look his or her best.

broll petting dog 2



Now Live! Dog Food Testing at Woofstock

Hey Dog Park Tales friends,

Tune in to a brand new webisode –>

This week, Tevya and his pal Buddy head to Woofstock!


Woofstock “has grown into a festive tour de force, now drawing tens of thousands of dogs in the know, their faithful humans in tow, from across the country and the U.S. It’s without question, the largest outdoor festival for dogs in all of North America.” (




While they cruise though the entertainment, contests and consumer showcases, these pals are going to test out a bunch of different doggie treats. Some of these treats are popular with both dogs and humans alike. Will Tevya and Buddy agree?


Tune in to find out!

Dog Food Testing! New Preview

Hey Dog Park Tales friends,

We’ve just added a brand new preview for our upcoming webisode.

Tevya and Buddy are excited to hit up Woofstock, a huge outdoor festival created for dogs and the people who love them. While cruising though entertainment, contests and consumer showcases, they will stop off to try some dog food! We’re told it’s popular for dogs and humans alike. Will Tevya agree?


woofstock slow motion






Tune in this coming Tuesday for the full webisode.

Now Live Bark For Life Webisode!

Watch a brand new Dog Park Tales webisode!

Dog Park Tales joined the Canadian Cancer Society at their annual “Bark for Life” event in High Park, Toronto.  Bark for Life is a fun walk for dogs and their owners to raise funds and awareness for the Canadian Cancer Society.

When Andrew Parr was diagnosed with prostate cancer he faced an uncertain future, but one thing he could count on was the love of his new dog Chandler. Brought into his life during his recovery from surgery, Chandler’s unconditional love proved invaluable in his recovered.


Andrew’s story is just one of thousands that Canadian Cancer Society CEO Martin Kabat hears every year. To honor the dogs that play such an important role in many people’s recoveries, they created Bark For Life. Hear some incredible stories of the love of dogs and tag along as these loving (and playfully dressed) pups walk to raise money for cancer research, support and awareness.


Many people feel their dog is a significant source of encouragement and support during their battle with cancer.  Dogs also provide comfort, companionship and healing to family and friends after a loved one has lost the battle.

Special Thanks to Brittany Russell and Kathryn O’Connor for putting together such a fantastic event!





Now Live – Guardians of Rescue – Saving Dogs From War-zones

Tune into a brand new webisode of Dog Park Tales –>

In this segment we are catching up with Guardians of Rescue, a truly inspiring organization who’s motto is ‘People helping animals, Animals helping people’.


It started with a letter from a soldier serving overseas. The message was simple: he would not come home unless he could bring the dogs he rescued with him. With that request, Guardians of Rescue was founded. Each year, they bring home countless dogs from war-zones. These street dogs are taken in by troops and provide a welcome relief on camps and bases where their relief stress and remind people of home.

Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 8.39.24 AM
Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 8.48.34 AM

But when soldiers leave, they were previously left behind to uncertain fates. Now, Guardians of Rescue finds them homes, often with veterans suffering from PTSD. Discover the incredible stories of these dogs.

Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 8.35.33 AM

Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 8.46.07 AM


Now Live – Puppy Adoption!

Our newest webisode is now live. Tune in here–> Who doesn’t love puppies? But how do you know if they are coming from the right place? Meet registered breeder Pam Headon, who has over two decades experience raising Portugese Waterdogs and Barbets. These smart, loving dogs are a favourite of families with allergies—and of the president of the United States. INSERT interview of dogs Te Interview 1st marker Tevya_ Discover how the right breeder is so important for the long-term health and well being of your dog, and of course enjoy lots and lots of cute cute puppies. broll puppies inside cage Interview Meeting the dogs Interview Meeting the dogs3

New Webisode now live – Rescue Dogs

We’ve just release a brand new websiode! Tune in here –>

It began with 9/11. Veterinarian Cindy Otto was called in to help care for the dogs who were aiding in search and rescue efforts. That’s when she realized that very little was known about how these dogs really work—in fact, many of the dogs were not even trained in North America.

Dr. Otto founded the University of Pennsylvania Working Dog Centre, now the leading training centre for search and rescue dogs—and more. From finding people in collapsed buildings, to detecting bombs, and even cancer, these are some of the most remarkable dogs on the planet. See how they are trained, and what it takes to turn a regular dog into a hero.

penn vet working center


Rehabilitation for Rover

Our webisode on dog rehabilitation is now live! Watch it here –>

Meet Dexter and Heidi. Dexter is a plucky border collie who is learning to walk again after a failed surgery. Heidi, unfortunately like many dachshunds has an injury that will prevent her from walking again—but it doesn’t stop her from enjoying life in her wheelchair. Certified pet rehabilitation specialist Tanya Costa shares her secrets and explains why medical advances mean many dogs can lead normal lives even after injuries.


Puppy School

We’ve released a brand new websiode!

This week, Dog Park Tales is headed to school.

Watch the webisode here –>

What is the secret to raising a perfect puppy? New parents find out when they attend puppy school. Watch these incredibly cute pups play with each other for the very first time, and find out how puppy school lays the foundation for a happy, healthy and well-adjusted dog.




New Webisode! World’s Best Dogwalker?

We’ve just released a brand new webisode!

Could this man be the World’s Best Dog Walker? Tune in here –>

Imagine walking twelve dogs. At once. In New York City. Adam Romsdahl does it every day. How do you keep a pack that big under control? What should you look for when hiring a walker of your own? We sit down with one of the best dog walkers there is to discuss his secrets and his tips for keeping your dog safe when they’re out for a stroll.




Dock Dogs Webisode Now Live!

Dock Dogs Championships

Watch the webisode here –>

See a new record set at the Canadian Dock Diving Championships. These incredible canine athletes can leap higher and further than almost any of the planet. And since there’s always a soft landing, it’s also one of the safest ways to exercise your high-energy dog. Watch these amazing dogs leap over 20 feat, jump nearly 10 feet into the air to grab their favorite toy, and make a big splash in North America’s fastest growing dog sport.

But what does it take to make a championship dock dog? Do these competitors have any secret tricks before the big competition? Is dock diving right for your dog? Dog Park Tales hits the Canadian Dock Diving Championships to find out.



Dock Dogs Sneak Peak!

Watch the preview here –>

A sneak peak of our upcoming dock dogs segment. See dogs leap over 20 feat, jump nearly 10 feet into the air to grab their favorite toy, and make a big splash in North America’s fastest growing dog sport.


These incredible canine athletes can leap higher and further than almost any of the planet. And since there’s always a soft landing, it’s also one of the safest ways to exercise your high-energy dog. No wonder its the fastest growing dog sport in North America.

New Webisode – Hipster Dogs

Our newest webisode is now live! Park Tales travels to Williamsburg, NYC, the hipster epicentre of the world to meet Music Journalist and editor Christopher Weingarten the man behind the enormously popular website and book, Hipster Puppies ( 

hipster pups

But can dogs really be hipsters? Or is it a meta-critique of people making fun of hipsters? Does that make the book’s author even more of a hipster?

To find out, watch the webisode here –>

hipster pups 2


hipster pup 3



Hipster Dogs Part 1 – Coming Soon!

Can dogs be hipsters? We travel to Brooklyn to find out.

They’re snooty. They wear oversized glasses. They listen to bands you’ve never heard of. And they’re dogs.

hi dog 2

Dog Park Tales travels to Williamsburg, NYC, the hipster epicentre of the world to meet Music Journalist and editor Christopher Weingarten the man behind the enormously popular website and book, Hipster Puppies (

The book features pictures of hipster dogs and equally clever captions (“using apricot shampoo only makes chewy’s neckbeardmoderately less revolting”)

But can dogs really be hipsters? Or is it a meta-critique of people making fun of hipsters? Does that make the book’s author even more of a hipster? To find out, you’ll have to watch.

Stay tuned – this webisode is coming soon!

Sled Dogs

The Dog Park Tales team discovers the thrill of dogsledding with Canada’s own Winterdance Dogsled Tours.

Sled Dogs Pic 1
Husband & wife team Hank DeBruin & Tanya McCready introduce us to their family of 150 gorgeous Purebred Siberian Huskies!

Sled Dogs pic 2
Dogsledding in Canada has a long and rich history. Sparkling snow-covered trees, crisp winter air and the sound of hard-working huskies panting while pulling a sleigh in tandem – we couldn’t help but feel a bit enchanted by the romance and adventure of it all! The intelligence, athleticism and passion this sport demands of these dogs is incredible, as is the relationship between husky and human. Be sure to catch this new episode of Dog Park Tales – the weather may be cold out there, but these stunning sled dogs are sure to melt your heart.

sled dogs pic 3

sled dogs pic 7

sled dogs pic 8Watch the webisode here –>

Swim Dogs!

Can every dog swim? Almost—but some need extra care!

Whether it’s a backyard pool or a wide-open lake, water can be the most enjoyable—or dangerous—part of a dog’s life.

Take Jam-Jam, a toy-drive dachshund who like many dogs could chase a ball into a pool and then panic. Is there a way to teach water safety to dogs?







Veteran doggie swim coach Beverly Strain believes so. In fact, she says a trip to the pool can teach dogs a lot more than that—dogs like Smokey, a staffordshire terrier, who is learning swimming as way to build up his injured back legs and avoid surgery.

Meet them all (along one special guest that can swim better than any dog on the planet) as Dog Park Tales visits Fit Dogs ( for a quick dip.
Watch the webisode here –> 

Gelato For Dogs? New Webisode!

Lick It Gelato’s Tobias Scott has already mastered the art of Gelato-making.

Himself a dog lover, Tobias saw the need for a dog-friendly dish that humans could share with their canine best friend, so he set out on a mission to create the most delicious doggy gelato in Toronto!

The Dog Park team caught up with Tobias as he set to work “smushifying” his creation.

interview owner chopping up2

interview making gelato sla


So… will it be any good?

THE TEST:  We carefully selected a panel of canine judges to taste test Tobias’ creation –   Will these dogs lap up the frozen treat or turn their noses up at such a strange concoction?

Watch the webisode here –>

Delta Dogs

Trisha Blanchet knew she had to do something when she learned that Iraq and Afghanistan veterans were more likely to die from suicide than from combat.

A lifelong dog lover and the daughter of a veteran, she put the two together and founded Operation Delta Dog, an organization that rescues dogs from high-kill shelters and then pairs them with returning veterans, who train the dogs to become their service dogs.

Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 8.13.17 AM

Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 8.27.49 AM (1)

Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 8.26.29 AM

Dog Park Tales had the privilege to catch up with Trisha and the Delta Dogs team just outside of Boston, MA.

We discovered what a service dog is, how they can help people recover from the emotional scars of combat, and what an incredible difference a chocolate lab named Mocha and a Collie named Lindy have played in the lives of two vets returning home.

Watch the webisode here –>

Reinventing Dog Photography

Legendary New York City dog photographer Sophie Gamand is known for photographs that capture the soul of dogs. She says its because she approaches pet photography like a Vogue-photo shoot.





See some of cutest, most endearing and most awe-inspiring photos from Sophie’s career, and find out her secret tips for dog photographs that stand head and shoulders above the rest.

New Dog Park Tales Webisode – Disc Dogs

Can any dog—even a french bulldog—learn to catch a frisbee? Dog Park Tales hangs out with Scugog Disc Dogs at K9 Central to find out.

frisbee bite (1)

More and more owners are discovering that disc-sports are the perfect outlet for their high-energy dog. In fact, many dogs turned into to shelters make fantastic disc dogs. At this event, a fundraiser for a local rescue, we see top dogs run, leap and perform—all in glorious slow motion.

And then in our DOGMAN challenge, our host attempts to out-fetch the dogs. Needless to say he has his work cut out for him.

Special Thanks to Morgan Jarvis from K9 Central and Kate Gartley of Scugog Disc Dogs.

Watch the webisode here –>

Tompkins Square Halloween Parade

The Pet Fashion industry is BOOMING.

What began as a small gathering of dog owners back in the 90s has grown into the biggest Pet Costume event in the world!  The Dog Park Tales team joined a crowd of over 500 people and their costumed pups at the 23rd Annual Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade in New York City.

We caught up with internationally acclaimed Pet Couturier, Anthony Rubio and his two chihuahuas Bogie and Kimba – dressed as Liberace and Scott from the film Behind The Candelabra!


The creativity and detail in the costumes this year was absolutely incredible – some highlights include a chihuahua dressed as a lobster in a ‘boiling pot of water,’ Fay Wray, King Kong & the Empire State Building, a “Hot Dog” stand pup, “Phoenix Rising” and canine Kim Jong-un himself!  There was even a real-life live engagement on stage at the event!

But the pup that melted our hearts was little Oscar Madison, who’s owner Christian made his wheelchair into the Sugar Rush Mountain from Wreck it Ralph!

Special thanks to Garrett Rosso ttp://villagedogworks.comthe lovely folks at Beggin’® Strips, and the wonderful people & dogs who came out and made this year’s event such a ‘howl’!

Dogman: Agility Course Challenge

Can Dogman outrun a collie on the agility course?

At first glance, Rumba seems too mellow to be a border collie. Then she hits the Agility course and there’s no doubt that this is one driven — and talented — dog.


Trained by Sarah Mairs (, a multi-time member of the Canadian World Agility Team, Rumba now faces her toughest strangest challenge yet — going head to head against Dog Park Tales host Tevya Heller.
Rumba can run the course in 45 seconds — how long will it take Teyva? What does it take to raise a such an incredible competitor? And how awesome is it to see Rumba rock in super-slow motion?
You’ll just have to watch to find out –>

Dog Park Tales Websiode Premiere!

We’re thrilled to announce that the Dog Park Tales web series has officially launched!

In our first webisode, we explore the wonderful world of herding dogs.



Meet Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Missy and her owner, Sue. Just a few of the many folks who come to Tee Creek Dog Training to learn to herd. And while there are few things cuter than a Corgi chasing around a flock of ducks, Tee Creek also does the more familiar kind of herding — y’know, the one with sheep

We’ve learned that herding is about a lot more than getting animals into a Pen.  It was absolutely incredible filming these gorgeous dogs at work and learning the different ways one can teach a dog this very specific skill. We discovered on this journey that certain breeds of dogs are too intelligent to lie around the house all day with nothing to do.  They thrive off the kind of challenging work that herding provides.  And even if you’re a dog-owner in the city, you can find out how to teach your dog to herd too!

Watch the webisode here 

Welcome to the Dog Park!

Welcome to “Dog Park Tales”!  A brand new video web series exploring the growth of dog culture in North America – Coming February 2014!

blog 1

“Dog Park Tales” celebrates the dog’s role in our lives by looking at the latest developments in dog training, dog ‘culture’ and new discoveries from animal behavior experts.   In a series of short ‘webisodes’, we will cover everything about dogs — how they help us, what they need to be happy, to be healthy and how dogs generally make the world a better place for all of us.

From the informative to the wacky, the Dog Park Tales web-series is a journey into the fascinating world of canine and human interaction – both in and outside of the dog park. With state of the art technology we capture the world of dogs like never seen before.

But wait … there’s more … encourages dog lovers everywhere to engage in the conversation through our interactive website on a variety of doggie issues and to share photos and videos of our best ‘fuzzy’ friends. Visit us daily for contests, extras and updates.  Best of all – it’s absolutely free to join!

So what are you waiting for?  Come along with us – we’ll be at the park! Woof Woof!

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