New Webisode – Beneful Dog Park!

Could this be the best dog park in North America? It’s certainly got some eye popping features like a roller coaster bridge, smell-free grass and, oh yes, a tree that shoots tennis balls. Tune into a new webisode of Dog Park Tales now!

BROLL - Park sign

BROLL - Pan of the tunnel d (1)

Welcome to Beau’s dream dog park in Lancaster Pennsylvania. Like many parks, it was once basically a dirt and/or mud bath, where owners would have to wash their dogs after every visit—especially high energy Dog’s like Beau.

BROLL - SLOMO - Dog and bal

BROLL - SLOMO - Cute dog ru

The city wanted to improve it, but there simply wasn’t funds. But there was a contest, entered by Beau’s owner, Angela Bauman—a half-million dollar dog park makeover sponsored by Beneful. Angela entered—and to everyone’s surprise and delight, won.

BROLL - SLOMO - Weird looki (1)

BROLL - SLOMO - Water spray

BROLL - SLOMO - German shep (1)

Come explore this park and find out what makes it one of the safest, most exciting places for dogs to play—and for people to come together.

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