New Webisode – Fireman Calendar

Julie Heather describes it as the best job in the world: photographing half naked firemen. But it’s not just because of their bodies, or even their courageous work—it’s because it helps raise money for Dog Guide’s Canada.

Watch an exciting and heartwarming webisode of Dog Park Tales!


A service dog costs approximately 25 thousand dollars to train, but for more and more people their work is invaluable, and actually saves money on hospital visits, slip-and-fall accidents and homecare. From alerting hearing-impaired people to a smoke alarm to helping the the visually-impaired get around town, to simply opening doors and providing comfort and support, these dogs improve the lives of tens of thousands of people each year.








Find out what it it takes to train them, and what it takes to be a fireman in front of the camera raising money for this important cause.

For more information, or to support these awesome firefighters and the Dog Guides of Canada, visit their website and

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